Case Study

RiseUp Connect Story



Behind the Scenes

Just descriptively explaining a new product or service is usually the obvious way to go. However, not necessarily the most suitable. To fully mirror the purpose and capture the essence of our client RiseUp we had to go deeper beyond a mere description or the standard explainer video by displaying their core vision and trail their philosophy bit to bit in an artistic narrative. While also uncovering significantly tricky layers of communication to their targeted audience and the general entrepreneurial masses on the importance of an idea, and connecting.

We have composed this project around one primary objective; to reflect the magnitude of Connect. Focus on using geometric shapes clarifying the context. Through back and forth analysis we concluded that such message cannot be fully communicated without first explaining the philosophy of RiseUP as an entity, showing its impact through the entrepreneurship community and go even further to explaining the genesis of RiseUP in principle. 
Ideation: The content team constructed the script in a narrative manner that trails the story from beginning to end, crowning the end with Connect. Out of the philosophy, we extracted a suitable visual style of 2D geometric, abstract shapes, patterns to capture the thematic presence of RiseUP as is.
Inventiveness: We reconstructed the data collected from the ideation phase, to polish the chosen style with the most suitable techniques like the coloring and drawing. The continuous depth in motion along with flaring elements captures the energetic character of RiseUP.
Assemble the main elements from basic geometric shapes, using a circle to contain the complete limitless power with energetic sphere combining the edgy gem with its flexible dynamic movement showing the Connect.
Including different mediums with slick traveling motion reaching with its gradient energetic yellow - red ripples any point at the infinite space of scenes' depth.