Case Study




Behind the Scenes

The visuals for this video need to reflect a balance between friendliness and
professionalism. For this reason, the main design elements are a combination of
round shapes and sharp outlines to provide a friendly invitation to the audience as
they explore the messages conveyed while at the same time set a sense of
professionalism and trust. .
For triggering energy and emotions of positivity, yellow, orange and purple were
used with a mixture between solid and outline colouring techniques. Being the
color of Wuzzuf's logo, blue and white were carefully chosen for the elements that,
within the video's context, provides trust and guidance

In this video, we used some abstract and simple shapes, combined with neat and
sharp lines to reflect that Wuzzuf is friendly and also a professional guide.
Using smooth and simple yet accurate animation to show the user friendly

We made sure to stick to the color palette of the brand identity, keeping a balance
between using the secondary colors in the abstract scenes to give the vibe of joy
and adventure.
We used the colors of Wuzzuf's logo in the scenes that shows the website to be
accurate to the website and using the rounded objects to make it more dynamic
and friendly.