Eretria | IEFTA (Nura and Zahra's Story)

Case Study

Nura and Zahra's Story



Behind the Scenes



In this video we see how the road to hell can be really paved with good intentions.


Nura, trying to save her younger cousin “Zahra” from gentile mutilation, will take her on an illegal migration journey. But illegal migration -as It will turn out- is never just a “journey”, It is an infernal passage through some of the worst possible experiences ever, where even mere survival is not guaranteed.


Through different stages in this passage -as we will see- Nura and Zahra will run into many greedy, devious, violent, abusive, ruthless, and loathsome smugglers, while being deceived over and over again.


But how will the two naive girls and their companions react? Do they even have a chance? How will they be abandoned by trusted relatives? And how far will they go before recognizing that illegal imigrtion should never be an option?