Somalia | IEFTA (Amina and Sahra's Story)

Case Study

Amina and Sahra's Story

Behind the Scenes

Amina's Story :

Illegal immigration is a dangerous journey. Although many understand this, some still risk their lives.

The UNHCR wants to raise awareness about how human traffickers deceive people into going through a life-threatening voyage.


In this video, you will get to travel with Amina, a young Somali, who is forced into a child marriage from an old man. She thinks illegal immigration or tahriib is her only option out of this situation.

Embark on her treacherous trip filled with sorrow and regret. Experience her mother’s worries as Amina faces many struggles.

Can she survive her illegal boat from capsizing? Endure the extreme weather of the desert and the hunger & the thirst? Escape the gun fire at the borders?

Is there any hope for Amina to have a better life?

Sahra's Story :

Not all illegal immigration stories end well. That's why the UNHCR wants to highlight the dangers of such crimes. Crimes committed by human traffickers.


Follow Sahra's risky voyage as she gets recaptured by the human traffickers after getting separated from Amina.


After long unbearable living conditions in worn down places, a change in plans is made.

Will the human traffickers make Sahra reach Europe or are they going to make use of her for profit?