Case Study

Girls Education in Upper Egypt


Care International

Behind the Scenes

Targeting families in Upper Egypt with a production that promotes girls education and educates about the dangers of early marriage, CARE foundation approached Giraffics to come up with the most suitable format in which such information can be effectively delivered. 


Our research about mass communication and behavioural change, as well as our creative brainstorming sessions, have concluded that stories, specially those including relatable characters to the audience, are the best way to expand knowledge and inspire behavioural change. People might be naturally resistant to new ideas or to "being told what to do" however, a story provides a context that avoids pointing fingers or blaming the audience but rather involves fictional characters that showcase familiar consequences of relatable scenarios. 


Accordingly, three main characters were created: Menna (the student), Awad (the father) and Sanaa (the teacher) along with three separate videos in which the main character is narrating the story from his own perspective. 

Menna's story revolves around the deprivation of young girls like her from achieving their dreams once they're forced to drop out of schools and get married at a young age. The video shows how Menna was able to overcome such challenging situation and gain control over her own life. 

Awad's story is the same as Menna's but from a father's point of view. It shows the dilemma that every man in Upper Egypt goes through thinking that the best thing to protect his daughters is by marrying them off early while the shocking truth is, they're doing the exact opposite. The dangers of early marriage are highlighted in this video and the emotional side of a strict dad is triggered to truly fear for his daughter and fight cultural misconceptions for her sake. 

Finally, Sanaa, the teacher narrates the story behind her decision to work as a teacher. She recalls how one teacher could change her life and empower her was an inspiration for her to do the same with other generations. Teaching is one of the most noble jobs in the world, the roles and responsibilities of a teacher are highlighted in this video together with the rewarding fact of making a difference in the world, every day.