Case Study

The Magical Library


Misr El Kheir

Behind the Scenes

Misr El Kheir’s Virus C awareness cartoon video or as we now call it “?” is truly one of our favorite projects.  

It’s not just because of such a great client and the honor of taking part in this important campaign, but also because this project took the whole team at Giraffics one step deeper in edutainment. 

The moment we found out that the audience is children, our content development team took a good dive into research and came out with an interesting report about children’s learning abilities, different educational methods, the impact of media on children’s behavior and a comparison between a large list of international cartoons for children. 

According to the social cognitive theory by Albert Bendura, people (grown-ups as well as children) learn more through modeling which can be represented by fictional characters in a dramatic context. This was also supported by different children development schools, psychology studies and media theories that all confirmed the power of storytelling and characters in providing information.  Therefore, the choice for delivering the awareness messages through an intriguing story was the first step in the process. Consequently, the creative team was able to build suitable ideas and characters on which the rest of the creative process was based upon. 

Putting in mind the possibility that this video can be the first of a complete series for children, we created a scalable concept, which means it can be used in many ways in the future to cover a variety of different topics and can even allow for longer episodes. The concept is simply an imaginative journey that the characters go through as they explore a fictional world inside a book. Every book is about a topic and every topic has a different theme but the characters shall remain the same. In efforts of promoting the moving library project by Misr El Kheir and the habit of reading in general, the main characters are mostly living inside this moving library and this is where all stories/episodes begin and all the magic happens. 

We wanted to create diversity in our 5 main characters so they range from the overly organized and cautious one to the reckless one who’s distracted most of the time but they all share the love to read, learn, and have fun.  

For this episode in specific, we chose to involve some action into the story by bringing virus c (the main topic) into life and giving it scary characters and an evil agenda that the characters overcome by providing the tools to fight with, which is the information to be delivered to the audience in the first place. 

We enjoyed the process very much and made use of actual feedback from children at different milestones as we proceeded which helped a lot in the characters development, visualization of the scenes, choice of colors and illustration styles.

We all share the passion for art and entertainment as well as the mission to add value to the world and for this reason, educating people about important topics within an artistic context falls perfectly as our favorite type of work!