Case Study

Goethe Studienkolleg Ägypten


Goethe Institute

Behind the Scenes

The aim of this project is to provide information about a study program in Geothe. We knew what messages to deliver and it was up for us to decide on the “how”, and eventually, we decided on providing a subtle storyline. This always helps the audience comprehend information that includes a process or steps they need to follow, which was the case in this video.
We presented the information about the program by telling the story of “Basma”.  We chose to demonstrate the story in a visually entertaining game-like format with amusing sound effects. Adding a few unrealistic elements to the characters or visuals, boosted the attractiveness of the storyline and thus, helped in keeping the audience’s attention.
Our goal was to transform ordinary information that could have been presented in a lecture-style infographic video into a visually entertaining advertisement, that audiences are more encouraged to watch and share.